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Cindy and Phil Wilson

I have forty years experience building and leading highly effective development teams. I and the teams I led have won dozens of international engineering society awards for best new products, manufacturing processes or new materials systems. We have also won awards from several trade journals and business associations. More importantly, almost all of these have been quite successful commercially and have often given the companies involved some long-lasting technological advantages.

Each company that employed me during my career achieved the highest ROS in their industry segment during the time of my service. The Inspired Innovations™ process that I developed along with pay-for-performance enabled me to retire at the age of fifty-one. Only working on projects that are interesting and for people I like is a blessing that I would love to help you achieve.

The Book

Inspired Innovations, a guide to highly efficent new product development

After a lecture at MIT, the faculty suggested that I should write a book about the innovations process I developed.

It is a small book because that is the point. The Inspired Innovations™ process is fast, inexpensive and highly efficient.

If you would like to buy a book, click below. If you schedule an Innovation Workshop for your company I will give you a few copies.

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